Monday, October 15, 2007


Yesterday offered a glorious, warm, clear afternoon to seek out another nearby lake for a walk-around. Not far from the L4 where we have our digital studies is the town of Weissensee. My guidebook said I'd find some impressive house architecture and the old jewish cemetery, but I'd not taken the book along so I'd be freed up for a run. So instead, as usual, I wandered around and saw normal things and missed the attractions. Can go back!

This plaque reads:
"The inheritance of fascism was rubbish and ruin.
This park comes into being through the volunteer work of the national construction workers
A work of peace"

The past weekend was chock full of art events. On Saturday, L4 hosted “So Klingt Berlin,” a weekend-long symposium on music marketing that culminated in a band competition at a local club on Sunday night. A fabulous time was had by all students and instructors who took part THANKS INGRID AND ALL STUDENTS AT L4.

At TAKT Gallery, Marcus Ahlers, Antje Görtner and Henriette Böhmert-Leske were our hosts for an exhibition of work by Jürgen Grewe, a painter whose work you can check out his his site.

Sidra Strich, my art friend from the Berlin Academy, and Carla Guagliardi, an installation artist who lives in Prenzlauerberg met me for a gallery tour. They chose the galleries, and the high point was Mike Kelly’s Kandor .

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