Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday I took the train to Schlactensee, a small town just outside of Wannsee, to the west of Berlin. There is a beautiful lake there (the Schlactensee) surrounded by a forest (the Grünewald) and the train left me off within sight of each. So since I was dressed for a run, with my water jar on a belt, I started off clockwise around the See... first stopping to warm up where a man on a motorbike shouted "Lass der Baum stehen!" when I pressed against a tree to stretch my calves... then I ran along the street a bit to get a look at the architecture, big turn-of-the-century houses with flowerboxes cascading form each window. Not Bavarian, but solid and impressive by size and workmanship.

Around the See, there were pine trees, leaf trees just starting to change and shed, and dogs, kids, older couples walking hand in hand. The dogs are all VERY well behaved. All of them. They don't even use leashes here. The dogs heel and walk along with their masters, ignoring me!!! The kids sprawl out under trees to eat some snack, and the adults gather at the cafe to the north of the lake, where all sorts of wonderful refreshments are sold in the most exquisite surroundings.

It reminded me of my parents, walking on paths through the woods. Ducks. Geese. Swamp and beach. Mom and dad are there in my imagination.

I had no idea how far it was around the lake, but luckily for me it was only about 4 miles. Afterwards, I took a leisurely walk through town and then hopped the train back to Berlin. Magic.

I wish I had photos! Next time I go, the trees will be colorful and I'll take pictures.

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