Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reunification Day

Wednesday was such a wonderful day. I drew for a while, ripped that up, then went for a long run: between the "wall" and the Spree, then through town and small community gardens, finally to the Museum Insel, where there were lines and lines of flea markets. There were plenty of Russian tschotschkes - the nested dolls, cheap amber - a lot of books, WWII and DDR memorabilia, gorgeous handmade hats and cloth bags, antique dishware... altogether something to revisit. Along the way, I heard and saw traditional chinese musicians, irish fiddlers, classical duos, every kind of eating...

Later, after a lunch of fresh vegetables and exquisite leftovers from the night before, I worked a bit on my next day's class. Then, I took another walk downtown for the Reunification Day celebration. I walked through the Tiergarten, up Unter den Linden, through the Holocaust memorial, to the Brandenburger Tor where someone was bungie jumping and someone else (presumably a rock star) was belting it out on the big screen.

Bismarck Memorial

Boulevard 17 Juni (looking through the Tiergarten away from Brandenburger Tor)

Bungie guy goes up...

Bungie guy comes down.

Holocaust memorial

Jumped on the S bahn to Sevigny Platz in Charlottenburg, where I met Sidra Strich, an art historian who is a Berlin Academy fellow in Wansee until January. We ate at a really good Chinese restaurant, talk talk talked and agreed to go to Dresden together on Saturday. (turns out, the group is going to Dresden tomorrow, and she can't go along).

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