Monday, October 08, 2007


About 200 kM in the direction of (and halfway to) Prague is Dresden, the city that was largely destroyed by Allied firebombing during WWII. Marion (one of our German organizers) also said that during the cold war it was the only place in east Germany that you could not get radio or television from the west. Such suffering is not apparent in a three-hour day trip to a city that has plenty of rebuilt monuments in its old center. In addition to wandering the streets and for me, one museum, we had a splendid lunch at Luisenhof, on a mountain overlooking the city; and a tour of the VW Gläserne Manufaktur, where they hand-build the Phaeton, VW's luxury model. The late day was capped off with dinner at a brew pub where exhausted students quaffed major amounts of beer...

Lunch was really too good for us. We are learning NOT to scrape our chairs!

Ashley out in the garden

Shanda taking a break from lunch

Buildings in Dresden - fine

Want to go to an art school in Dresden? This is their Art Academy

For my mom, a statue of Martin Luther (hi Mom)

VW Gläserne Manufactur

VW GM Inside - Phaetons start at 69K euro and go up to 179K... sorry you can't get them in the US! Also, they don't come with manual transmission...

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