Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art and Architecture

It's our last week (actually today is the last day) in Berlin and a lot is going on, including my last time (sob) around the Schlacten See today. I walked it due to a hamstring injury but had a great time watching the dogs and the ducks... a few days ago I led a tour of post-reunification "starchitecture" sites in Berlin. Karla, Ruth, and Birgit came along; I only photographed one site (Jahn's Sony Center) due to the misty/rainy weather but we also visited Frank Gehry's Deutsche Bank, Eisenman's Holocaust Memorial, Libeskind's Jewish Museum, and Nouvel's Galeries Lafayette. On the way to the Jewish Museum, we stumbled on the ruins of the old Anhalter Bahnhof, the former departure point for Jews deporting to Theresienstadt (in Czech Republic).

Yesterday my Media Law and Ethics class presented their projects, public artworks that challenged our interpretation of Intellectual Property (IP) laws; the students also wrote a paper and had to defend their artworks against a panel of critics. Here are photos of the projects, by Ruth Martin, Jason Shutts, Karla Macedo, and Kat Rdoltskaya:

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