Thursday, March 05, 2009

Some Talk and Some Norwegians

Yesterday there was a special meeting of our student group with a group of journalism students from Norway: 35 students from the Norwegian Institute of Journalism in Oslo, and their instructor, Birgit Heitfeld's colleague Nils Indahl.

At two sessions, we discussed the German business climate/situation and talked about the relationship between Berlin/Germany and the United States. The first of the two sessions was held at the Bundespressekonferenz, a large, beautiful, press-owned building where journalists host politicians for press conferences. Our speaker was Daniel Kriener from the German Foreign Office. The second session was held at the L-4 Akademie (click for pictures), where our speaker was Wolfgang Müller from the Institute for Free Enterprise (IUF).

After the talks the Americans and the Norwegians (most of us) and a couple Germans shared a beer and a nosh at the nearby beergarden. I compared lutefisk experiences with some of the students. Dad: did you know you're supposed to eat it with lots of condiments? Bacon cooked crisp, green peas, and turnip puree among them. It tastes awful without condiments! And we thought it just tasted awful!

Photos to follow.

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