Monday, February 09, 2009

Potsdam Adventure

On Sunday six of us set out for Potsdam, with the idea that we'd rent bicycles at the train station and wheel around town then up to Parc Sans Souci. Turns out we couldn't find bikes to rent (could it be because it's winter?) but we found the 695 bus and hopped a ride to the park. Parc Sans Souci is huge, and houses a number of palaces and assorted other buildings dating from Friedrich Willhelm II (Frederick the Great). Friedrich II was a fan of Italianate and French architecture as reflected in the two big palaces - the yellow building "Sans Souci" with happy students in front, and the pink building "Neue Schloss." Other buildings included the Chinese House, also constructed during FII's time, and the Orangerie (more students: Kat, Karla, Nathan, Ruth, Teesha) which was a gigantic greenhouse where exotic fruits were grown for the royal household.

We walked the grounds for 5 hours! Afterwards, we sought out a French bistro on a backstreet in Potsdam town for a beer... then wandered around before giving up and taking the 695 back to the station. Truly a wonderful day.

I just heard the radio weather forecast: it's going to snow! I'll go out for a run now before it gets too bad...

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