Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Haus am Waldsee, snow magic

My daughter Celia came to Berlin from New York last week. She's interested in art and art history so we spent 10 days looking at art and otherwise doing a lot of walking through two fascinating cities: Berlin and Budapest. The day after her arrival, we went to see a show at Haus am Waldsee that featured work by Carla Guagliardi and Simon Faithfull.

I know Carla from the last time I was in Berlin. This quarter she's in Brazil, but she told me about her show at Haus am Waldsee, a contemporary art space in a sprawling old house in Krumme Lanke, a suburb to the west of Berlin.

Her work has to do with the passage of time, and the evidence of the passage through the change of elements (loss of air, for example). The pieces are poetic yet they involve a physical sort of inquiry... I will show some photos here. Great space also. Hi Carla!

Photos: Large planks weighing on latex balls, filled with air; Glass water vessel suspended between four corners of a room; latex balls and rubber bands

After a cappucino at a cafe on Mexicoplatz, we bundled up tight and took a walk to the Schlactensee. Celia wanted to sample the Glühwein, so I was a good sport and joined her. The See was iced over, snow covered, with more snow falling. Despite the weather, or probably because of it, there were a lot of people walking around/on the lake, taking a lunch at the cafe on the shore, etc. We did also see many dogs. I think I mentioned before, and others have noticed it, German dogs are sooooo well behaved. Grocery stores have assorted dogs sitting outside, not leashed, waiting for their masters. Not distracted at all by any passers-by! Also the children are well-behaved. It's true. But none are parked outside the grocery.

Not to wear anyone out, but later that night we had Tapas in Berlin Mitte at a restaurant across from the Clärchens Ballhaus, where afterwards we went to a concert in their famous Spiegelsaal. This photo is pretty dark, but you can get a better view on their website.

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