Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 3 - Köpenick and Friedrichschagen

The L4 school where I am teaching my classes is in this fabulous art nouveau building. I didn't get a photo of the facade, but will post one in the near future. The school is very impressive and I am inspired to redesign my teaching site because their work makes mine seem dowdy and out of date. Well, it probably is. I also plan on spending a lot of time with Drupal. L4 website. Here is a shot of the courtyard of the L4 school.

Having re-read my Berlin book, I realized that I had merely taken the wrong turn in Köpenick on Wednesday. Map in hand, I persuaded a few others to come with me to see where the Spree meets the Dahme. Founded in 800, what we saw resembled somewhat a resort town complete with a Best Western. But the old buildings were still there and we had our first real German (not Italian or mishmosh) meal. Karen and I had Gulaschsuppe. Emily and Robert A. had schnitzel, and Robert J. had a pork dish... here is a picture of the Rathaus that I thought was a church. It's really a historic building and you can read about it online if you're interested.

Karen, Robert A, and Emily got all PRACTICAL and asked tourist information where to find the Müggelsee (not in Köpenick, but I knew that). So we took a strassenbahn to Friedrichshagen, where even in the greyscale of the day the Müggelsee had a certain charm. Here is a photo of the group at the lake:

Finally, we went to the historic Wasser Werks a bit down the road in Friedrichshagen.
The most interesting thing we saw there was a 1-man bomb shelter from WWII. Actually, it fits up to three people.

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