Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At Home in Friedrichshain

It's 22:30 pm and I should be dropping from jet lag, but somehow I think I'll be clicking away for another hour or so. We arrived in 23 pieces together in Berlin this morning, though it seems like 2 days ago already.

Our lovely Hotel Friedrichshain looks onto a quiet courtyard on Warschauer Strasse in the Friedrichshain district. Warschauer is a busy split street with an S-Bahn running up its middle. Pastel colored buildings, mid-rise stucco postwar apartments for the most part, accomodate on the erdgeschoss (first floor) a variety of small shops - handy phones, Obst & Gemuse, video rentals, an Apotheke...

I took a short run in my spandex down this street and up that. I did notice there was no one else doing this, though bicycles zipped by regularly in their own reserved bike lane. I used to joke that one downside of cigarettes is that you can't run while smoking. But here, you can't help it! Lots of folks light up while walking down the crowded sidewalks.

There are, I believe, 24 students in this program; about half women and half men. Coming from all corners of the continental US, most have put lots of energy into starting to know each other. So far we've eaten a couple of fabulous meals. Here I am showing some snaps of tonight's dinner. Too bad I didn't take them until the end. The food was as beautiful as it was tasty.

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