Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fall 2008 in Berlin

The Fall 2008 Berlin program begins on September 29. Ai students will receive information soon regarding the details - which side trips you'll take, which classes are available, etc.

Europeans know what a happening place Berlin is for artists. It's widely acknowledged as the New York of Europe. Simon Rattle, the Principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, described Berlin as "... 60% Germany, 38% New York and the rest the Wild West." The music scene is fantastic, with dozens of great bands to see any night of the week. Galleries pop up at the rate of 30 per month; many of them show young, new, experimental work. If you are in the VC or IMD programs you can be a part of Fall 2008 in Berlin. Ask your International Programs coordinator for details, or email me.

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